East European Comic Con

East European Comic Con

EECC is East Europe’s most important event dedicated to fans of comics, animations, video games, as well as TV series and movies.

EECC is the main place where Sci-Fi fans can get to know their favorite actors, authors, artists, where they can talk to them and have the opportunity to participate in special sessions with them. On the top of that, this convention is the meeting point for all the “geeks”.


EECC first open its doors in 2013, at the National Palace of Children, were over 10.000 visitors filled in the gaming, movies, artists and expo areas.

Since then EECC has gathered over 300.000 participants in 8 unique events and having a long list of special guests, ush as: John Rhys Davies, Jason Momoa, Manu Bennett, Robert Knepper, John Noble, Charles Dance, Christopher Judge, Andrew Scott, Paul Wesley, Kevin McNally and many more.

Also, 2019 has been the year of birth for Transilvania Comic Con, held in the BT Arena of Cluj-Napoca, due to a large number of reaquests from the fans.

East European Comic Con Romania

EECC intends to become one of the most important pop culture based events in the world. As it addresses geeks from all over the world, EECC will play a key role in increasing the number of tourists that visit Romania.


Visitors are able to attend and take part in contests, video screenings and special sessions with movie and comics celebrities, as well as purchase products specific for this type of event.

The most well-known contests are the Cosplay costume contest and a Quiz contest. The Cosplay costume contest has participants performing a short play while wearing the costume of a character from a comic, video game, animation or movie, while they imitate the character’s gestures and behaviors. The quiz contest is focused on anime, manga, TV series, comics and video games. An important part of the event is represented by the PC and console video game exhibitors and competitions. EECC is the largest gaming event in Romania.

In addition, EECC offers to vendors and exhibitors the possibility to interact face to face with their clients. So, for a short time, EECC develops a marketplace with proper products for the Comic Con universe.

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Official webiste: www.comic-con.ro 
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/eeccon 
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/comiccon.romania