Fugi In Curtea Scolii

We have developed a special CSR project that uses sports and freestyle dancing a tools to promote movement and an active lifestyle among children and parents.

In past years the schoolyard was the place of fun and laughter were kids had a blast.

The objectives of Fugi in Curtea Scolii are to force the authorities into opening the schoolyards for kids after classes and to bring them back to playing and practicing sports during their free time.

We want to bring back that joyfull altmosphere, through a series of weekend events, where all children are invited to try fun games and participate into sporting challenges, like running, football, basketball, handball and also classic childhood games, such as tag, hopscotch and dodgeball.

Besides all the fun games and challenges, children were entertained by a local freestyle dancing crew and learned new dance moves.

The whole vibe was fun, modern, engaging and was very well received from both parents and the local authorities.

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