Sponsored Race Photography made Easy

Pic2Go automates tagging, branding and fast delivery of race photos to participants for social sharing – maximizing social engagement and reach for your sponsors.

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How it works

Pic2Go patented technology boosts event sponsorship by letting participants instantly share their branded race photos (and videos) to Facebook – driving huge reach, social engagement and fans acquisition for the race and the sponsor.
Operating Pic2Go is easy, and requires no special equipment or qualified photographers!

1. Print Pic2Go barcodes on race bibs

Each participant will have a unique barcode – matching the bib number.
We provide you with the barcodes as graphic files – to be used by your selected printer when printing the bibs.

2. Photograph athletes & Upload photos to Pic2Go system

Race photography is done by your selected photographers “as usual”. There’s no need for any special equipment or timing system connectivity.
Once taken – you only need to upload the photos to the Pic2Go system. No resizing or pre-processing is required as our system optimizes photos upload speed automatically.

3. The system automatically recognizes bib numbers in photos

Once uploaded – Pic2Go patented 2D barcodes on the race bibs technology automates race photo-tagging and bib-numbers identification.
All photos are automatically tagged with the recognized bib number(s).

4. Athletes type their bib number in your site and share their (branded) personal photo-galleries to their Facebook

Athletes are invited to register to the Pic2Go application with their bib number through a widget (small form) placed on your race website, and share their Personal Galleries (with all their branded photos) to Facebook.

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Official webiste: www.pic2go.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Pic2Go